Citizenship and Charters Program

Introduce students to fundamental human rights

This program is conducted in collaboration with Éducaloi. It introduces Secondary 4 and 5 students to fundamental human rights and helps them learn about important principles at the heart of our democracy.

In 2015-2016, 176 Law professionals volunteered for the Program and 30 of them (lawyers and judges) visited 11 schools and reach over 800 students.

The program takes place over four class periods. The first two periods are run by the teacher. The third period is run by a volunteer lawyer. And during the fourth period, students argue a mock court case before a judge. Teachers can choose to have a volunteer lawyer for two classes — the second and third periods.

Access to teaching materials.

Objectives of the Program

  • Introduce students to the art of advocacy and develop their oral argumentation skills,
  • Introduce students to the workings of the Canadian justice system and human rights and freedoms in Canada,  
  • Invite students to reflect on social issues from a legal perspective,
  • Give students an opportunity to interact with lawyers and judges.


Give your students a chance to discover the justice system.

To sign up for the Program, fill out this registration form (available in french only).

Subject Areas and Competencies

The Program is designed to develop these competencies included in the Quebec education curriculum:




Competency 1:

Uses language/talk to communicate and learn.

Competency 1:

Reflects on ethical issues.

Competency 1: 

Interprets a contemporary world problem.

Competency 3: 

Reads and listens to written, spoken and media texts.

Competency 3: 

Engages in dialogue.

Competency 2:

Takes a position on a contemporary world issue.

The Program allows students to work on each of the four general competencies listed in the Secondary School Report Card, Cycle Two:

  • exercises critical judgment
  • organizes his/her work
  • communicates effectively
  • works in a team

The Program also fits in well with these subjects:

  • History
  • French as a second language
  • Personal orientation project


Whether you are a lawyer or a judge, you can participate in the Program and help to form citizens who are better informed about legal issues.

Law professionals (lawyers or judges) who wish to volunteer for the Program can fill out this registration form (available in french only).

Citizenship and Charters Committee

The Citizenship and Charters Committee manage the Program.

Learn more about The Citizenship and Charters Committee.